Moving Body Autumn Timetable 2018

Monday 10th September - 14th December (13 week term)

(Half Term: 22nd October - 26th October)
Monday 09.20 Pilates Beginner Liezel
10.30 Pilates Improver / Intermediate Liezel
13.00-13.45 Pilates Improver Tracey
17.45 Zen Yoga Improver Jodie
18.55 Pilates Intermediate Tracey
20.00 Pilates Improver Tracey
Tuesday 09.20 Pilates Intermediate TBA
09.20 * Dance Mixed Ability Anna (Esher)
10.30 Tai Chi Improver Sally
13.00-16.00 Reformer Mixed Ability Tracey
17.30 Tai Chi Intermediate Sally
18.45 Pilates Intermediate Simmy
20.00 Pilates Improver Simmy
Wednesday 09.20 Pilates Intermediate Tracey
10.25 Pilates Gentle Pilates Tracey
11.30 Ballet Fit Mixed Ability Tracey
17.50 Tai Chi Beginner / Improver Sally
18.55 Pilates Improver / Intermediate Caroline
20.00 Pilates Intermediate 2 Caroline
Thursday 09.25 Pilates Improver / Intermediate Tracey
11.00 Tai Chi Beginner Sally
18.55 Ballet Fit Mixed Ability Tracey
20.00 Pilates Beginner Liezel
Friday 09.25 Yoga Mixed Ability Usha
18.30 * Dance Mixed Ability Caroline

* All Dance classes - 6/7 week course.
* 1.00pm - 4.00pm 1 Hour Reformer sessions are available via appointment with Tracey.

Ballet Fit. Fantastic class for all ages, no experience necessary. Great cardio workout, good for toning legs, arms and bottom.

Beginner – no experience at all
Improver – Have completed a Beginner course
Improver /Intermediate – Starting to understanding of all Pilates principles, can breath, move and connect.
Intermediate – All of the above whilst aligned correctly, fast paced class
Mixed Ability – Any level